Venturi DevLog #7 – Looking Back On 2015

Merry Christmas! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!

Our New Year’s resolution is to finally release our demo and start our Kickstarter/Greenlight campaigns. Though we’re not quite ready for the demo release, we have made huge strides this year! Here’s a recap of some of the things we’ve accomplished.

  1. We built an in-game level editor that we’ll use to create our campaign and multiplayer maps. It’s been a huge undertaking, but necessary to allow our player community to create their own content for Venturi. Modders breath new life into a game and we hope they take Venturi to places we’d never of imagined!
  2. To go with our level editor, Nick created a Lua scripting interface that ties directly into the core of the game. Everything from level triggers to ship AI will be controllable via Lua. The language is very simple, yet powerful, and will give the modders fine control over how the game functions. We will use the in-game level editor coupled with the Lua scripting system to create our entire campaign, and our plan is to include the completely editable campaign with the game! That means you can modify how the game works, change the storyline, or add completely new missions. We think that’s pretty awesome.
  3. We revamped how our entire Entity system works. Unity has an awesome component system but using that by itself doesn’t help us programmers control a lot of the finer things in life. By creating our own Entity system we’ve been able to make the game much more stable and reduce “spaghetti” code. It also means everything is much more accessible in our level editor.
  4. This year we really hit on the multiplayer aspect of Venturi. We even had some multiplayer functions working before we went and gutted the whole Entity system! Soon we’ll be working hard on the multiplayer side of the game and we can’t wait to share our progress.
  5. The team hit their 1000th code commit milestone in October (we’re now well beyond that, at 1,442 commits). A commit is a chunk of code that we upload that adds a feature or fixes a bug.
  6. Unity released version 5 this year, with some cool new features. Physically based rendering will make our game look more accurate and the Unity team has made some major improvements on their lighting system. Improvements on the particle system will allow us to create some more unique and intense special effects. All of this means we can make Venturi look and run better!

So much has happened this past year and we plan to work even harder in 2016. We’ll the in-game editor, make a badass demo, get the funding campaigns underway, and keep striving to make Venturi the best we can!

Thanks for sticking with us this far, and remember, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and IndieDB!

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