You are the last surviving member of the Human race.

Fortunately you possess the Venturi Device, an experimental piece of technology that allows you to travel back through time. Your mission: prevent the destruction of humanity before it can happen. Venturi is a Sci-Fi twin-stick shooter blended with an RPG. Gather a party of unique alien allies to command in battle, collect scrap to upgrade your ship and unlock powerful abilities, and unlock the mystery of the evil Quetain! Use the power of the Venturi Device to reset the game timeline at will. Your allies and progress will travel back in time with you, but the game's universe will be rewound, turning Venturi into a sandbox of choices and outcomes. You can help a race overcome its enemy, or betray and destroy them, or deceive and steal everything they’ve worked for! For more information, take a look at our Game page!

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Venturi DevLog #7 – Looking Back On 2015

Merry Christmas! We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! Our New Year’s resolution is to finally release our demo and start our Kickstarter/Greenlight campaigns. Though we’re not quite ready for the demo release, we have made huge strides this year! Here’s a recap of some of the things we’ve accomplished. We built an in-game level editor […]

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Venturi DevLog #6 – Undo/Redo System and Loadout UI Recode

Hi guys, we’ve been super busy these past two weeks working out different bugs and adding some cool new features (we spent last weekend coding instead of blogging) and we’re excited to share with you what’s new! Nick incorporated an awesome command history system that lets us undo/redo actions in the editor, Dustin FINALLY finished […]

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Venturi DevLog #5 – Our First Boss: Harec the Junkyard Caretaker

From brainstorming to concept to creation, we talk about the process of developing our first boss character. This is the first part in a series. Upcoming articles will talk about his weapons and attacks, and finally how we incorporate him into an epic boss battle! Harec is one of the first enemy characters we’ve worked […]

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